1-Person 5-Day Pandemic Preparedness Kit (EM-761)


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Nexis Preparedness Systems has created a pandemic preparedness kit to help protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a flu pandemic. Based on what the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) recommends, this kit includes all the basics to protect you from airborne viruses.

Kit Contents:
Tyvek Protective Suit w/ Hood and Boots Size: XL
1     Vented Chemical Splash Safety Goggles

5     Instant Hand Sanitizer 2oz.*
10   N95 NIOSH Folding Respirators
5     Bio Hazard Bag
5     Tissue Pack
30   PAWS Antimicrobial Wipes *
10   Pair of Nitrile Exam Medical Gloves Large **
10   Disposable Thermometer
Ibuprofen 200mg. Pain Reliever 2-Packs *
1     Content Card
1     Packaged in a 4mil Reclosable Bag

* Items expire 2.0 years from the date of manufacture.
** Items expire 5.0 years from the date of manufacture.