30-Person 72-Hour Group Sanitation Kit (LK-355)

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Our Multi-Person Sanitation Kits are perfect for every business or school that needs an all-in-one sanitation solution. They include the essential toiletry needs for any disaster situation. They come in 2 different designs: 24-Hour, and 72-Hour versions. Packaged in multiple 5-gallon air tight containers.

Kit Contents:
2       Emergency Bucket Toilets
36     Heavy Duty Toilet Bags
36     Bio Blue Toilet Deodorizer
6       Individually Wrapped Toilet Paper Roll
300   Sanitary Cleansing Towelettes
2       Waterproof Privacy Tarp

Packaged in Multiple 5-Gallon Air Tight Containers

The picture above is of LK-320 75-Person 24-Hour Sanitation Kit and is not a true representation of this item. This kit contains the contents listed in the description area under Kit Contents.