4-Person 3-Day Food/Water Upgrade Kit (EK-506)


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Our “Booster Kit Upgrades” allows the user to upgrade any of our multi-person 3-day survival kits with an extra 3 days of food and water for 4 people for a total of 6 days of survival. Purchase 1 upgrade for ever 4 people you wish to cover for an additional 3 days.

Kit Contents:
4     3600-Calorie Emergency Food Bars – 3 Days @ 1200 cal./Day, 5-Year Shelf Life*
48   Emergency Drinking Water Pouches – 3 Days @ 16.9 oz./Day, 5-Year Shelf Life*
1     Packaged in a 5-Gallon Air Tight Container

* Items expire 5 years from the date of manufacture.